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Fallon Medical Complex (FMC)

Welcome to Baker, Montana

David Espeland, CEO

"Greetings from beautiful, suburban Southeast Montana.  There are many times throughout the year when our corner of paradise seems like the garden spot of Montana.  Those of us who live here wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Among the very fine folks who have chosen to live here are the excellent providers, employees, and volunteers of Fallon Medical Complex (FMC).  Employing about 110 people, FMC is the largest employer in Fallon County, infusing millions dollars a year in wages and salaries into the community.  With an average tenure of nearly 10 years, our employees have both the knowledge and the expertise to provide for the area’s essential healthcare needs.  From our Critical Access Hospital with its 24-hour emergency care, to our physician clinic with its four full-time providers, to our newly-renovated long-term care center, we are often told that we have much more to offer than other towns our size.  We have also been told that our patients and residents seem more content, that our employees seem happier, and that our buildings seem cleaner and newer than most.  This can all be summed up in one word: pride.  Pride in our work, pride in our facility, and pride in our community.  We are simply proud to be doing our best for our friends and neighbors.  Come visit us and give us an opportunity to show you what we have to offer."

--David Espeland, CEO



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